Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You will be showered with good luch

Today I received a disturbing fortune in a fortune cookie at the vaguely Pan-Asian restaurant across from TIGR. Normally, I'm annoyed by "fortunes" that are merely statements like "You have a good heart". Well, today, I received one with a concrete prediction, but a rather distressing one -- "You will be showered with good luch." What's "luch", you ask? Apparently it refers to a series of Soviet satellites. Also, it could refer to a brand of watches made in Minsk (the Communists loved to name their consumer goods after satellites; cf. the East German Trabant). The watch might hurt less.


ialwayshavedessert said...

alternatively, it could mean that you will be showered with dirt, or peat (to be precise), because luch can also refer to a swampy (??) lowland in northeastern germany, mainly brandenburg, where people cut peat.

this might be quite unpleasant as well, but at least it won't hurt that much.

Jonathan Badger said...

Yeah, I vote for the peat -- it's probably the safest interpretation!

cvar1980 said...

I got the same fortune today. It could mean that you will be showered with good mice - as luch in irish means a mouse.

Ted Fisher said...

I also received this fortune, photographed it and put it on a blog. Forgot about it for a long time, then through Twitter saw someone else had it. Now, I'm discovering that it's everywhere.

Here's the link to my story with links to my picture and the picture someone else posted on twitter: